eReward App – Play & Earn Money, Redeem Code in 2024

Hi buddies! I will tell you about a rather interesting application to expedite your earning path in today’s post. I have spent a long time examining this program to see whether it was reliable and if it needed a lot of time and work. Thus, a few clicks may earn you 50r Google Play gift cards. Should you choose not to have your withdrawal as a Google Play gift card? Your money may then be taken out straight into your Amazon Pay wallet and UPI ID. It’s simple, entertaining, and entirely up to you how you choose to take your money out.

About Apps :

App Name eReward App
Downloads 10k+
Rating 3.8
Redeem Options Paytm cash, Google play Redeem Code, UPI cash.
Offered by  eReward 
Current Version 5.1.1

Features of This Application :

    • Playing Games
    • Daily Checkin Coins
    • Amazing Survey
    • App Install Task
    • Instant Withdrawl

    This application offers you a sign-up bonus of up to 150 coins together with many other very user-friendly earning options. It also offers instant payment, although occasionally it may take up to 24 hours, but it will definitely pay you. Additionally, it offers referral bonuses, which will help you earn more and more without exerting too much effort.

    Read the post through to the conclusion if you want to know more about the application (which one it is, what is its name, how to use it, and how to get a Google Play redemption code) in detail.

    Where can I get this app?

    Introducing to you “eReward,” one more fascinating new app. This is an incredible program made to make a lot of money easily during your free time. 3.8 ratings and over 1,000 downloads later, it is fast rising to the top of consumers’ preferred apps for making money. Along with an easy-to-use design and no earning cap, this software offers you quick payout. This program is also accessible on the Play Store, hence you can get it straight from there as well. You can install it from the link below.

    How to finish up the registration procedure?

    Filling in the registration form on this application is very easy as pie.

    Step  1 – Upon completion of the app’s download and installation, and upon its first start. You will be prompted by the program to log in.
    Step  2 – Asking for the referral code is step two as well. (You may use the code below as well as the reference from your buddy.)
    Step  3 – The ‘Continue With Google’ option is all you need to do to log into this program. Nevertheless, you must accept the application’s terms and conditions and privacy policy before using that option.
    Step 4 – Your smartphone will flash all of your Gmail IDs after you click on the “Continue with Google” option.
    Step 5: To create a eReward account, choose your chosen Gmail address.
    Step 6: Your account will now be successfully created.

    How To Earn?

    You will have too many choices in this program to optimize your earnings. Many of them simulate using a hot knife to cut butter.

    Playtime Games

    With this option alone, you may get a lot of coins; every minute you play any game, you will receive a certain amount of coins. You will be sent to the playing games option after clicking on this option; if this is your first time using it, it will ask for permission to monitor other applications; you can easily grant it from the phone settings. You will see many games here, and you will earn more cash the more you play.

    Note:- To optimize your profits and prevent misunderstandings, thoroughly read all the terms and conditions.


    Explore many offerwalls including Pubscale, Everflow, Notik, and Offertoro offerwall with this app. These offerwalls have many jobs, and completing the offered offers will earn you a lot of money.

    • Click on the offerwall you wish to finish the offers from first in order to do so.
    • You’ll be sent to that specific Offerwall, where there are a tonne of choices and offers to do, and finishing just one will win you between 100 and 20k coins.
    • Installing and using the provided programs for a while will complete the offering, and your account will be rewarded with the specified quantity of coins.

    Note:-To get the most coins from these deals, please carefully read the terms and conditions. Sometimes the offer is finished and you get the specified number of gems right away, while other offers might take up to 24 hours to finish or be verified before you receive the specified number of coins.

    Every Day Login

    You will all get a daily login bonus in this app ranging from 5 to 100 points (but you must finish an easy job or offer before you can collect your login bonus).

    Sprint Assignment

    One component of the program dashboard is called “Quick Task.” Two alternatives are shown under this “Quick Task” section.

    • YouTube: Choosing this option will take you to the official YouTube channel of the application; all you have to do is subscribe to the channel to return to the app. Coins will then be credited to your account in multiple of 10.
    • Telegram: Choosing this option will take you to the official telegram channel of the application; all you have to do is join the channel and return to the app. Five coins will then be credited to your account once again.


    • Offer You may see various deals only in the eReward app, same with Offerwall’s offerings. This choice may be found at the dashboard of the program.
    • You have to choose “offers.”
    • There were then a few offers made to you.
    • To finish an offer, touch on it and follow its terms & conditions.

    Note: – Must read the terms and conditions of the specific deal.

    Coin Promocode Giveaway

    Regularly provided codes may be used to enter and win prizes, which will credit your account with a lot of coins. You must do the easy job listed below the code in order to use these codes.

    Refer And Earn

    You may refer and earn using this application as well. All you have to do is send your buddy this program by use of a referral code or link. You will get 100 points in your wallet when your buddy registers on BuddyPe using your referral code.

    Reach Level

    • Here is one more unusual and fascinating way to make money.
    • This earning option will raise your level as you finish the offers from many offerwalls and recommend this program to a friend.
      You will get a level-up bonus and an upgrade of your level as you finish the assigned assignments.

    How can one withdraw?

    Withdrawals of your earnings and incentives are possible via UPI, Google Play gift cards, and cash from your Amazon Pay wallet. To take your rewards out of the app, click the “coins” button in the upper right corner and then choose “withdraw now.” Three withdrawal options—UPI, Amazon Pay wallet, and Google Play gift card—are then shown.

    UPI:- You may use this option to withdraw your money into your UPI ID; after you choose it, you must input the accurate information the program requests. One fifty rupee equals five thousand coins.

    Amazon Pay: Using this option will allow you to take your money out of your Amazon Pay wallet, but you must enter all the information precisely as requested by the program. Fifty cents equals five thousand coins.

    • Ten thousand coins are worth one hundred rupees.
    • Twenty thousand coins for two hundred rupees

    Google Gift Card:- Use this choice to take your money out as a Google Play gift card. And shortly after, your code will be produced and visible just within the program. Then copy and paste this code into your Play Store account. 500 coins is equal to 50rs.


    I would like to thank you one more for reading the whole piece. I think you liked this post, that it has been useful to you, and that it could even improve your earning experience. And I really think that this will be your highest earning and one of the easiest apps you’ve ever used. Students who don’t have enough funds to invest in gaming currency will find this program very useful. I recommend playing time games and collecting cash mostly via the pubscale offerwall. These days, this app allows you to gather a lot of Google Play gift cards. Regards.

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